Who we Are



Small Business Pros

Over 10 years experience in small business operations, sales, and marketing.


Forward Thinking

Moving your business forward, means continually innovating and staying on the cutting edge.


Problem Solvers

If you aren’t hitting obstacles, you aren’t doing anything. We use our catapult to shot you over them!


Lifelong Learners

Always seeking knowledge. Continually growing and bettering ourselves and our company.

Our Background

Catapult Business Partners is the brainchild of Jeff Huntley, a small business operations professional based in Asheville, North Carolina. Jeff has worked in small business for over 10 years and has gotten to wear a lot of different hats from chief sweeper to CEO. In 2011, Jeff went back to get his MBA while managing the operations of a real estate land development company.

Jeff also needs to feed his creative side and has found an outlet with web design. Like most web designers, it started out with building sites for himself and some friends and has grown from there. Catapult also employs graphic designers, copywriters, photogs, and other professionals when the job calls for additional expertise.

More About Us

When we aren’t hard a work we are usually riding bikes over the hills of Asheville, training for marathons, reading Game of Thrones or some other epic fantasy or sci-fi novel, or watching movies. This, of course, all happens in the 1% of the time that we aren’t chasing toddlers.

What’s Your Story?

Now that you know our story, we want to learn more about you and your business!

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