“Ok Google,” we are addicted to Mobile Search

Are you addicted to your Smartphone? Would you give up beer to keep using it? How about chocolate? I saw some interesting statistics from Google Analytics the other day:

43% of U.S. adults would be willing to give up beer for a month if it meant they could keep accessing the Internet on their smartphones, and 36% said they’d be willing to give up chocolate? The new multi-screen age has arrived. Are you ready for it?

The smartphone and information addiction has grown so much that people are now willing to give up beer and chocolate!

More recently, Google officially announced that for the first time ever, mobile search has surpassed desktop search in 10 countries including the U.S. and Japan.

Why? The answer is obvious: convenience and our ever growing attachment to our phones. They are always on and always connected making it the go-to choice for that information dopamine fix. Who has time to boot up and log on to our laptops anymore?

I’ve personally found that I habitually reach for my smartphone for certain types of searches. With Siri and “Ok Google” ready to do the heavy lifting, I can check restaurant hours, get directions, find a product on amazon or just about anything else on the web faster with my smartphone. This has crossed back over into the desktop search with google now adding a voice search option in Chrome.

Is Your Website Responsive and Optimized for Mobile Search?

So what does all this mean for small business owners and entrepreneurs? It means that you have a challenge and an opportunity. If your website is not responsive, meaning the images and text do not scale to the phone screen to provide a good user experience, then you are taking a big gamble. You could be seriously losing out on traffic and potential customers.

Not only that but as of April 2015, Google updated their mobile search algorithm to penalize sites that were not optimized for smartphones and tablets (mobile searches in all languages).  Now you are potentially losing traffic and losing page rank.

But there is also an opportunity here. Take a look at your competitors websites to see if they are responsive. If not, then now is the time capitalize on their unpreparedness with a fresh, modern web design that is optimized for all those smartphone addicts.

Ensure that you providing a good user experience for your customers on smartphones and tablets. Make sure that you have all your listings and SEO setup so that your customers find you when they perform a mobile or desktop search. Do that and your setting your business up for mobile web success!

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