Search Engine Optimization

The Internet is a crowded place

There are close to a billion websites in the world, and they are all vying for our attention. Search engine optimization or SEO is one way that we can ensure that Google, and more importantly people, can find your website and becoming paying customers.

Search engine optimization is a fluid and constantly changing field. There is a lot of information about SEO available, but knowing what strategy and tactics to follow is critical to having good search success.

Following the tactics of the past, especially those promoted by “black-hat” SEOs can cause significant damage to your websites reputation. Tactics like backlink farms and may prompt a penalty from Google and a difficult climb back to first-page search results.


Search Engine Optimization Services

Content Strategy

Every business has a target audience. You have a value proposition to sell. Your content needs to be fresh, unique and centered around your ideal customers. Let us help you strategize. We can also help with content generation.

Keyword Strategy

Your customers using certain words and phrases to find you. Your site needs to be optimized with these keywords so that search engines will find your site and serve it to your target audience.

Local Search

Small businesses need local SEO tactics. We ensure your business is properly and consistently listed on Google and other listing services so people searching in our neighborhood find you.

Link Building

Your website needs high quality, authoritative links to move up the search rankings. We help you identify the authorities in your field and strategize ways to get links to boost SEO power for your website.

Catapult’s SEO Services

Catapult’s search engine optimization services are customized to meet your business and website needs. If you have an existing website, we start with an SEO audit to assess your current content and website structure. We make recommendations based on where you want to compete and the key phrases that your potential customers are using.

SEO does not stand alone anymore. In the past, you could keyword stuff a website and get results. Now, as Google has gotten smarter and more intuitive, SEO needs to be part of a larger digital marketing strategy that includes fresh and desirable content, a good user experience, and a modern responsive web design.

Make Catapult your business partner and we will position your company and your website for success. We can’t promise a #1 rank on Google, and you shouldn’t believe anyone who makes those kinds of promises, but we ensure that your site will get noticed by your target audience.

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